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About Gratton Infrared Services

Gratton Infrared Services Inc. is a nationally incorporated independent dedicated infrared thermal imaging consulting and evaluation services company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We provide local, regional and national infrared thermographic and Energy Management related services, conducting Infrared Inspections, Ultrasonic Leak Detection audits and evaluations and producing professional customized reports for our commercial, industrial, residential, municipal and institutional clients.

Gratton Infrared Services is dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality, customer-focused infrared thermal imaging services. We strive for excellence in the infrared thermal imaging industry and strive to provide the best customer service, with superior field work and reports. Our inspectors are Flir (ITC) trained professionals with mandatory continuing education in the infrared thermography industry.


What is infrared thermography?

Gratton Infrared Services thermally scans, inspects, evaluates and produces customized reports for a wide range of commercial, industrial, residential, municipal and institutional clients. We specialize in heat loss and energy assessments; infrared building envelope surveys; energy audits; equipment inspections; reserve fund studies; property condition assessments; lighting retrofits; indoor air quality testing; infrared roof moisture surveys; water, moisture and leak inspections; infrared electrical inspections; CMU block wall scans; solar roof audits; infrared mechanical inspections; home inspections; as well as infrared predictive maintenance services. In addition, we offer insurance inspections and infrared data centre inspections.

Trust and reliability, experienced know-how, superior customer service, and delivery of customer value are the four directions that guide Gratton Infrared Services Inc.

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Welcome to Gratton Infrared Services Inc.

Infrared Thermal Imaging is the best non-destructive means to assess the performance of your building and electrical/mechanical systems. Gratton Infrared Services is the best choice to provide that assessment.

We help you detect problems before they become serious and costly issues. If you are a property owner/manager, real estate investor or facilities manager, you will find that infrared thermal imaging inspections add an invaluable and necessary dimension to your building diagnostics and preventative maintenance programs.

Gratton Infrared Services Inc. is a Canadian owned infrared thermographic consulting and Energy Management evaluation services corporation based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Learn more about Gratton Infrared Services.

Gratton Infrared specializes in Complete Building Thermography offering personalized and professional services at competitive rates. Our state-of-the-art equipment and current, professional training ensures you are getting the highest quality with incredible reliability.


Gratton Infrared thermal imaging inspections can identify and document

Energy loss and efficiency Heat loss and air infiltration
Structural defects Equipment maintenance strategies
Air conditioner compressor leaks Water and moisture intrusion that could lead to mold
Overheated equipment, appliances Safety concerns, and areas of energy waste
Electrical faults before they cause a fire Hidden roof leaks, before they cause serious damage
Unknown plumbing leaks Strategies for achieving LEED credits
Operational grow houses Broken seals in double pane windows
Overloaded and undersized circuits Dangerous fuel leaks
Missing, damaged, and/or wet insulation       Damaged and/or malfunctioning radiant heating


Who needs infrared thermal imaging services?

Investors, property owners, engineering firms, property managers, architects,  general contractors, facility managers, real estate agents, home inspectors, and insurance companies use Gratton Infrared Services thermal imaging to evaluate and protect their real estate, property, equipment and client investments. In addition to finding problems, Gratton Infrared thermal imaging inspections are useful for renovation quality assurance and to confirm that previously determined issues have been properly corrected or remediated.